The genus Acanthurus has about 40 species. The name Acanthurus can be divided into two ancient Greek words. Akantha means “thorn” and “oura” means “tail”. This is a reference to the scalpel on their tails.

The genus has many colorful species that are not always easy to keep. They swim a lot and like to swim and therefore need quite a bit of space. They are also not always easy to combine because they can often be aggressive toward other fish.


Like all species within the family, the members of the genus Acanthurus have a weapon on the caudal peduncle, their razor-sharp scalpel. This scalpel is used as a defense against attackers. They can unfold the scalpel and whip their tails around to injure their attacker. The scalpel is in fact a modified scale. The family also owes its name to the scalpel: Surgeon fish.


Below you will find the list of Acanthurus species that we have not yet included in the database. Below that, with a photo, the species that we have already added.

Acanthurus achilles
Acanthurus albimento
Acanthurus albipectoralis
Acanthurus auranticavus
Acanthurus chronixis
Acanthurus gahhm
Acanthurus grammoptilus
Acanthurus guttatus
Acanthurus leucocheilus
Acanthurus leucopareius
Acanthurus maculiceps
Acanthurus monroviae
Acanthurus nigroris
Acanthurus nubilus
Acanthurus polyzona
Acanthurus randalli
Acanthurus reversus
Acanthurus tristis

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