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On this page you can search species by filtering on the characteristics. This can be length, temperature, origin or even the river where the species comes from. A couple of hints before you start:

  1. We have just started adding countries, ecosystems (lakes, rivers, seas and oceans). Don’t expect too many results when filtering on those characteristics. This will improve over time.
  2. If you move the sliders for length, temperature etc and you choose for instance minimum length 5 centimeters as a minimum and maximum; you will only get results for fish that have a minimum set as 5 cm. Therefore it is better to give a range, for instance, minimum length 2 – 5 centimeters. The sliders work from both sides!
  3. To prevent you from getting no results at all, it is best to start with one filter, for example origin. Expanding it slowly, pull the slider of Length Maximum from 500 to the left until you have the maximum size you want. So for example from 2 to 15 centimeters. See what the filter does and what the results are, then move on.
  4. Freshwater is based on the minimum length of the aquarium. Seawater is based on the minimum content.
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Length Minimum

Length Maximum

Temperature minimum

Temperature maximum

pH Minimum

pH Maximum

Minimum height plant

Maximum height plant

Minimum aquarium length Freshwater

Minimum aquarium volume Saltwater