Serrasalmus altuvei

Serrasalmus altuvei can reach a length of around 20 centimeters. This Piranha cannot be combined with other fish species as they eat fins and scales.


Serrasalmus altuvei

Serrasalmus altuvei was officially described by Ramírez in 1965. They are also called Altuvei or Caribe Azul (= Blue Piranha) as common names. They can reach a total length of around 20 centimeters.

The Serrasalmus altuvei Piranha is very similar to Serrasalmus compressus, but can be distinguished from this species by the pattern, which is hardly or never below the lateral line (with S. compressus, the pattern is visible over the entire flank).

Distinctive/unique features:
• Red eyes.
• Pattern mainly situated above the lateral line.
• Concave head shape.


The Altuvei Piranha is found in the clear waters of the Venezuelan Llanos. It is a rare sight in captivity and reportedly quite rare in the wild as well.

The Aquarium

Adult fish need a tank of at least 48x18x18″, while younger specimen can temporarily be kept in smaller tanks, the minimum being a tank of 32×14″.
The aquarium needs to be decorated with plants, (drift)wood and rocks to provide hiding places for this often somewhat shy and skittish fish (especially during the first weeks/months). But an open area to swim should also be offered. A powerhead can be used to add a little extra water currents, to mimic its natural habitat.

Temperature: 24 – 30°C
pH: 5.5 – 7.5

Compatibele species

None: Because of its fin-nipping habit and intolerance towards other tank mates, this species should be kept alone in a species tank. In some rare cases, a Pleco, Raphael Catfish or other heavily armed catfish worked out.


Fish (fillets, frozen fish and live feeders *), shrimp, prawns, mussel, squid and other sea fruits, earth worms, meal worms and other insects, flakes, pellets, granules.

* Live fish need to be quarantined first, so they are safe to feed (containing no diseases or parasites). Goldfish, minnows and other members of the Cyprinid family (Carp-like fish) should be avoided, as these fish contain growth-inhibiting hormones (Thiaminase/Vitamine B1 inhibitors) that could negatively affect the fish’s health and development.



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