Sturisomatichthys aureus

Sturisomatichthys aureus can grow quite tall, they reach a maximum length of about 30 centimeters. Also known as Sturisoma aureum.

Sturisomatichthys aureus

Sturisomatichthys aureus was first described in 1900 by Steindachner. The genus name can be divided into two parts. Sturisoma to show that they are closely related to that genus. The second part “ichthys” means fish. The species name “aureus” means “golden”; this is a reference to the golden shimmers that can be found all over the body.

In many books, websites and shops the old name Sturisoma aureum is still used, this name has now become a synonym.


Sturisomatichthys aureus can reach a length of about 30 centimetres. This is an elongated fish, it has a brown colour with black spots on its body and a pointed head, and 2/3 of the fish consists of its tail with a forked end. The males have small rows of bristles along its head, the females do not. There are 14 species that are very difficult to tell apart. There is a filament at the tail, from which you can see whether the water is polluted or has a high bacterial ratio, which will then disappear. With good water values, the filament can become longer than the fish. The filament can sometimes get stuck and then break off at the tail, but it grows back on its own.


They are very calm fish with a special appearance. They usually sit all day on the same stone or piece of wood, in the evening they are more active. They leave other bottom dwellers and fish alone. They can be kept as a couple or as a school.


Colombia, western Amazon.

The aquarium

These algae eaters require an aquarium of at least 2 meters. Decorate the tank with a few large pieces of driftwood root and large stones. Put some hard plants in it like Vallisneria and the Amazon sword plant. Use sand or very fine gravel for the bottom. They do appreciate a light current, change the water regularly.


Temperature: 25-29 degrees Celsius.
pH: 6-7.5
GH: 12-16

In nature, fish have to deal with fluctuating temperatures. Keeping fish at the minimum or maximum temperature for a long time is not always desirable and can shorten the average lifespan of the animals.


Sturisomatichthys aureus prefers vegetable food, such as lettuce, cucumber, spinach, pre-cooked peas, spirulina, also live food can be given such as white, red and black mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, daphnia, and frozen food.

Breeding Sturisomatichthys aureus

Place the parents in a spacious breeding tank that has already been covered with algae. Sturisomatichthys aureus lay 80 to 100 eggs, the male has brood care and guards the eggs. The temperature in the breeding tank may be as high as 30 degrees Celsius. Catch the parents after spawning, otherwise, they will eat all the algae that the little ones need. The yolk sac is consumed after 4 days, then rear the fry with brine shrimp, precooked spinach or dry food tablets.



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Loricaria aurea, Sturisoma aureum

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