Upload Freshwater Species Info

Upload Freshwater Species Info

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Using this form you can easily upload information about freshwater species. Fish, Shrimps, Snails, Lobsters, etc. This can be an extensive description, a partial description or just a good photo with the correct name. Before making an extensive description, check whether there is already a description in the database. Improvements and additions are very welcome. We try to include this information in our database as soon as possible.

Please only upload your own texts and photos due to copyrights!


This form contains the possibility to upload a lot of information. It is therefore broken down into several pages. Enter what you know and skip what you don't know. For security reasons, a page can remain open for a maximum of 30 minutes. Therefore, make a description beforehand and paste it in the appropriate field (Tip: use this article as a writing aid!). 

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